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Dwarf Archetypes and Mechanics Empty Dwarf Archetypes and Mechanics

Post  shanky on Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:50 am

Ironbreaker (TANK)
As an Ironbreaker, your goal is to get between your friends and your foes and use your defensive abilities to absorb and deflect attacks. If you can't immediately claim a foe's attention, your grudge bonuses begin to make you a problem foes can't ignore as you grow more and more potent in your defense of your allies. Obviously, Ironbreakers truly shine in groups but even solo they are quite capable as long as they can get close enough to wear down foes with their axe or hammer.

Slayer (Melee DPS)
A Slayer focuses on brutal offensive attacks. As their rage builds up, they become more and more powerful, but they will eventually start to become more vulnerable as well, as fatigue takes its toll. While Slayers are able to briefly dampen their rage by using powerful and exhausting attacks, they can never be truly calmed, and their rage will quickly begin to build once again. Playing as a Slayer will ultimately come down to your choices between allowing your rage to consume you entirely and keeping you in a massive frenzy, or constantly exhausting your rage while also forgoing the furious might that it would otherwise give you, or striking a careful balance between the two. No matter the style, all Slayers are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Runepriest (HEALER)
Preparation is critical to your success as a Runepriest, as is developing a keen sense of timing and coordination. You can use your runes to protect your friends and enhance their powers (even placing some of the runes' effects under the subject's control), but their strength wanes quickly upon use and you must be ready to reinforce them as needed. Advance preparation makes it easier for you to split your attention between supporting your friends, and assaulting your foes. This division of duty is absolutely necessary in battle. Focusing purely on offense will leave your group mates without support after a short time. Conversely, playing purely a support role will rob your group of a rune-enhanced warrior of significant power.

Engineer (Ranged DPS)
As an Engineer, the heart of your job is to rain destruction on the heads of your enemies. Like other ranged combatants, you prefer to avoid the frontline. However, unlike most other ranged classes, you reach the peak of your power at a relatively short range. You must maneuver wisely, positioning yourself so that you can strike at your target without exposing yourself to their attacks. You are a capable melee fighter, and you can strike at extended range, but your best attacks - grenades, blunderbusses, artillery bombardment, and more - require a closer position.

This information is from http://warhammer.mmosite.com/races/dw_1.shtml I will provide my own take on group dynamics, buff tricks and what to expect in groups, RVR and PVE.

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Dwarf Archetypes and Mechanics Empty Dwarf Archetype Strengths and weaknesses

Post  Balindor on Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:04 pm


- Heavy armour for better defence
- Defensive skills
- DeBuff's to slow down the enemy
- Always handy in a party

- limited ranged attacks
- Vulnerable to incoming ranged attacks
- Low to medium damage
- Slow to rank up

Rune Priest

- The ability to heal
- Drawing upon power of the land to cause damage and bestow buffs
- Party buffs allow additional damage capability
- Group heals (critical in most PQ's at the higher levels)
- Heals over time which you can stack on a target for maximum healing

- Lack of real armour
- You need to stand still for most spells
- Not a damage class
- Slower melee weapons
- Your stats don't focus on toughness so you will have lower health than other classes


- Drop turrets for greater damage and to help control foes attacks
- Damage targets outside melee range
- Reduce enemies effectiveness through debuffs
- Explosives! What problem can you not solve with large amounts of explosives?
- Call in an artillery strike

- No self healing
- Limited melee abilities - opponent needs to be kept at range
- Lack of composite body armour. Leather does not stop razor sharp blades very well
- Performs best as part of a party

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