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Roles within the guild Empty Roles within the guild

Post  Paddy on Tue Jun 02, 2009 2:04 pm

Ok guys from reading your comments on here and too make this guild work i will need you to step up so to speak

so far we have Ked as treasurer

Dazamin wants to be recruiter so if you are still up for it the role is yours

we need somebody in charge of instances

There is possibly loads more and i cannot think of at the moment so your input is going to be grateful

While i am here i appologise about not being online much but i will try and get on for an hour every night as at work i am busy.

We need to have a discussion about Ranks aswell and how people can progress through them.

THank you in advance


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Roles within the guild Empty Re: Roles within the guild

Post  Saerimner on Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:29 pm

Heya, now we're talking!

I wouldn't mind taking responsibilities - in other guilds I have been in charge of social issues I E contact with other guilds etc. Imho I think one besides Shish may not be enough. All it takes for us to miss a good recruit (if we're very, very unlucky ofc) is one being off line and the other in intense battle. In my experience about three or four chars ready to discuss these matters is more like it.

And I wouldn't mind at all to be taught about claiming keeps and what happens to guards/doors at different guild levels, standards, tactics etc. If I only had more time tonight I'd accept to be WB leader working with others in DW. Unfortunately I don't know jack about open RvR though, so I might have made an arse out of myself. Smile

Anyway, my point is I don't mind helping out!


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Roles within the guild Empty Re: Roles within the guild

Post  Kedreak on Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:05 pm

I may teach people the meaning of Keep Taking etc, it requires peoples efforts to keep defending it whenever it is under siege.

First of all, Keep Claiming requires, as I said above, to keep an eye out if it is under siege, when ANYBODY sees it, we must defend it quickly, or it will be lost.
Second, we need people to contribute to the guild vault, with money etc, I would say, daily give around 1 gold to the guild vault if possible, or even 50 silver. Even that will help big time to the guilds keep.
Third, will be collecting Ordnance and Skulls (not sure on the name of them, somebody could help me out here Smile ) to be able to claim a keep easier (ordnance which increases damage etc of siege engines) and keep defending (skulls which upgrade the guards, rank of keep and also oil and door health etc).

We will also need dedicated flag carriers, to keep our morale up and tactics from the guilds banners.

Most of all, we must all work as a team, stick together and play nicely Smile (In that case, GET VENTRILO D:!)

If anybody needs any more information, just give me a shout Smile


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Roles within the guild Empty Re: Roles within the guild

Post  Dazamin on Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:57 pm

Firstly, apologies for making you read this wall of text, hopefully it makes some sense. lol

Yeah I'm more than happy to be recruiter, but Saerimners right we should list 4-5 recruiters on our page. So hopefully someone is always online. Maybe forum post in the guilds recruitment section on and would also help. Once they've joined me and maybe someone else could keep an eye on members to see if they should be accepted, promoted, etc. I'm more than happy arrange RvR events and to lead in RvR, done it quite a few times now, but would be easier with a group than listens, might even get my mic sorted so I can give instructions in my lovely Black Country tones, lol. I would suggest Saerimners the guy for SC's and Ked for instances.

I think the short term answer to activity is probably alliances, a couple of good alliances, would mean we could run WB's, SC's and Instances pretty regularly.

I did think, if we raised to tax rate a little, we could do a couple of things, fistly talisman makers like myself and killer could if necessary use guild money to get any bits we need to make high quality talismans for guildees, Same for Balindor (He does potions right?) We could keep a stock of decent talismans. Secondly we could keep a stock of standards in the guild vault, if T2 T3 guys want to use standards they are quite expensive for them. Perhaps we could also assist people in getting warded gear from AH if necessary so they can participate in Instances.

Oh yeah the Guild vault, I think probably get rid of talismans that aren't at least green, and weapons and armour should be blue or purple, theres no need to keep the common stuff.

As for ranks, as I've finished Uni and have nothing else to do I thought about this.
0 - Initiate = New members - on trial for two weeks
1 - Members Alts
2 - Automatically moved here after two week trial
3 - dunno
4 - dunno
5 - dunno
6 - Brewers Alts - All officer alts, will allow them to do most admin stuff if on an alt
7- Bugmans brewers - No specific responsibilities but as guild vets can help people out and do general officer stuff, kick people for bad behaviour, lead some parties, etc
8- Right hand - Those officers with specific responsibility
9- Boss - Can do what he wants, he's the boss. lol

I would suggest people get kicked after a week of inactivity, unless they mention it to an officer beforehand or post a member note or on the forum. If you're not on once a week, you're not gonna be very active in the guild. Alts a bit longer 3 weeks maybe? But you guys might think this is a bit harsh

The questio is what to do with ranks 2 - 5 Could be based on tier. eg rank 2 tier 1 rank 3 t2 or be based on conribution to the guild.

I could also post a guide to RvR if you want, dunno about people in the guild but lots of people don't seem to grasp its RvR not PvP and could do with some pointers


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Roles within the guild Empty Re: Roles within the guild

Post  Saerimner on Thu Jun 04, 2009 12:08 pm

Good point about guild vault. Haven't checked it out in ages, hehe. I think we can put green stuff for lvl 1-20 or something. But after that it takes more time to level, people should have no problems getting blue, purp and orange . Smile

We should absolutely post on the forums, the sooner the better. I can do it, but I'd prefer if someone who's a native english speaker could. Looks better that way... Or atleast correct what I've written. Comments about this? Wanna do it Shish?

We could kick T1 players after one week maybe? But sometimes you just can't find the time to play... Two weeks tops without notice, if you ask me.

RvR guides sounds great, oils, cannons, is it possible to do more than 30.000 dmg with the ram etc etc, everything like that!


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Roles within the guild Empty Re: Roles within the guild

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