elves allowed??????

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Should elves be allowed in guild?

elves allowed?????? I_vote_lcap67%elves allowed?????? I_vote_rcap 67% 
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elves allowed?????? I_vote_lcap33%elves allowed?????? I_vote_rcap 33% 
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elves allowed?????? Empty elves allowed??????

Post  Paddy on Wed May 27, 2009 7:10 am

Guys i want you opinion

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elves allowed?????? Empty Re: elves allowed??????

Post  Kedreak on Wed May 27, 2009 4:52 pm

I'm suggesting we have a go with them, reason:

1. It will give us a good chance to meet new people and how they play the elven classes.
2. More of a variety of classes meaning we can do more PQs with different types of classes and get used to each other.
3. We also will have a bigger amount of members in the guild making our guild level up a lot faster. We can also get a lot more people online at one time around the sameish level meaning we can have a go more often at Mount Gunbad and Bastion Stairs.

Also, if we get a lot more classes (ours + elves etc) we can get more people to gather PQ set items and more SC premades meaning more Warded gear, meaning Warpblade Tunnels and Sigmars Crypt. Which I reckon, will be a good opportunity to work together and sort out teamworks and tactics for our guild.


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elves allowed?????? Empty Re: elves allowed??????

Post  Saerimner on Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:47 am

Of course we should.

Why should we invite lvl 11 dwarven chars (who will in many cases never be played again) over T4 elves? We're not a RP-guild, the only thing that should matter is who's controlling the toon.

It's essential, if we want the guild to survive, to start recruiting enough players (atleast lvl 25ish, if you ask me) to make sure we can start doing harder instances, meeting more people (which we will if there are more active PBB players out there) and start being seen more often in battle.

To the casual player grinding with a friend every now and then is ok. But the really active ones (the ones a guilds existence depends upon) need stuff to happen, which it won't if we turn down all classes but dwarven and WP's. In I'd say 95% of the cases they will hardly care what race they're playing with over guild activities and active numbers.


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elves allowed?????? Empty Re: elves allowed??????

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