Cheaper Quartermaster items. WooHoo!

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Cheaper Quartermaster items. WooHoo! Empty Cheaper Quartermaster items. WooHoo!

Post  Dazamin on Fri May 15, 2009 8:55 am


Quartermaster Pricing Update

We are pleased to announce that, following careful study of game metrics and valuable feedback from our players, we have completed a sweeping revision to the pricing of items available from RvR Quartermaster merchants. We think you'll be pleased with the results, as we've reduced the costs of many items by as much as 40 to 50 percent. Here are some other highlights of the change:
Global Price Reduction: We have reduced the amount of medallions needed to purchase many armor sets by up to 50% for the complete set.
Scaling Cost for Items: We have adjusted the pricing of individual items, greatly reducing the costs for a few pieces of a set, and only slightly decreasing the price on the more rare pieces. Now there will always be one or two easy-to-obtain pieces and one or two pieces that are harder to obtain.
Player Drops Improved: Previously, only players that were Rank 36 and higher would have a chance to drop Officer Medallions. We have expanded the level range at which these medallions can drop, and as a result, players that are Rank 30 and higher now have a chance to drop Officer Medallions.
Invader PQ Adjusted: Capital city Invader Public Quests will now drop two Invader Crests by default. The cost of Invader Crests has also increased to reflect this. As a result of these changes, players will earn Invader equipment slightly faster then before, but will need to earn more crests to do so.
RvR Quest Rewards: Players will now receive token rewards for the repeatable chain RvR quests available at warcamps, and for the defense quests available at Keeps, Fortresses, and Battlefield Objectives.


Muck Chompas will no longer be affected by the Powder-Sniffin' Squig's explosion if they've been tagged for combat.

Public Quests
Battlegut Ogres: The Battlegut Gnoblars will respawn properly.


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Cheaper Quartermaster items. WooHoo! Empty Re: Cheaper Quartermaster items. WooHoo!

Post  Saerimner on Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:35 am


I think it was a tad to hard earlier!


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