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Information On Mount Gunbad Empty Information On Mount Gunbad

Post  Kedreak on Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:30 pm

Gunbad is similar to Altdorf Sewers. With the level sides of the instance.

You enter the instance and there are a few quests, then, you see 3 pathways, to your left is level 23 +, to your right is level 25+ and finaly, the middle which is 27+

Inside Mount Gunbad, you will find lots of squigs to the level 23+ area, squigs, goblins and troll-type-things.
You will need to take potions with you, buff ones, healing ones and action point ones. The best you can find, as this will be our first stop when we reach Mount Gunbad level.

On the right, i've heard, it is similar with squigs etc. Not much I know about that side, as I have never done it.

In the middle is hard, because there a lot of goblins, giants, and further inwards, spiders, LOTS of spiders, and goblins.... and as far as I have been, there is undead, flying ghosts and so on.

In the future, when we are closing in closely to Mount Gunbad, I will find information on the bosses, as recap on it myself.

Gunbad will be a tough one for us, but we will have practice on it when we reach it. Practice makes perfect!..

Just remember, Pots are definatly needed. And the MAIN thing needed for this is.... VENTRILO, download from
Click on the Client ones, if you have Vista, it's the top 1(like me) otherwise, ask the guild which it is or if you know yourself, then go ahead, download it! A mic is not needed, as you can listen in on us and reply in gamechat, OR, if you do have a mic (or if you're going to buy one) feel free to use it. Get Downloading Peeps! Very Happy

If you need any more information, (I might know more ;p) pass me a whisper on any of my close-named characters, Kedath, Kedorak, Kadreak, Kedreak,

I am looking forward to this, and so are a lot of other people I hope!


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