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Important Guild Information Empty Important Guild Information

Post  shanky on Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:04 am

Guild Leader: Shishfar

Officers: Shishsmuff, Shanky, Balindor, Druri (more details to follow).

Ventrilo Channel Details:
Name: Powered by Beer
Port: 5050

Guild officers get together on Sundays to do admin, update ranks and generally keep things tip-top. Officers will be using the calendar in game to confirm any agreed time slots for any events. This could range from Tier RvRing to specific PQs as requested by members.

As the guild grows, rank details will be confirmed, additional officers will be required. As people get used to grouping with each other, we can get a better idea when people have what free time to play and arrange events accordingly to suit the majority.

Remember, everyone can invite to the guild. Dwarves only. Some empire players are allowed. If you are not sure, ask an officer.

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